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Welcome to BEDR Wildlife Removal! We're a family-owned and operated bird nest removal company with 25 years of experience helping property owners with their bird-related problems.

We provide bird removal, bird nest removal, and bird deterrent proofing services for your home (or business). If you’ve got a bird problem, we’ve got the solution. We offer free and comprehensive site surveys, as well as cost-effective bird control and bird deterrent-proofing solutions. We also provide a bat removal service that includes a guano cleaning service. If you need an exclusion installation or structural modification, we can help with that too. And if you have a roost decontamination or flock dispersion issue, don’t worry—we’ve got your back! We take pride in providing high-quality customer service and attention to detail—and we have the track record to prove it.

Avoid These Common Bird Issues

The best way to avoid these common bird issues is to take action before they become a problem. Birds can be a great addition to your home or business, but they can also cause havoc if they are not properly managed. If you notice any of the following behaviors, it’s time to get in touch with a professional bird removal service:

  • Bird fouling (deposits) on buildings, windows, and inventory
  • Aggressive behavior and excessive noise
  • Crop and stock damage
  • Nesting in or on buildings
  • Spread of fungal and bacterial disease
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We know that birds can be a nuisance. They can destroy your property, leave droppings everywhere, and make their home in your attic or walls. Using poisons and traps to manage birds is not a good idea because birds are a vital ecological component and should be handled carefully. It is crucial to seek the help of experts like us if you want to get rid of them successfully and humanely. Nesting birds in construction zones and trapped or nesting birds in residences, shops, warehouses, and factories can represent a major threat to humans, buildings, and equipment. Our goal is to keep your property safe while ensuring the birds are protected. Call BEDR Wildlife Removal if you have a bird issue and need a bird removal for your house or place of business. We have 25 years of experience working on every kind of bird issue, including bird control and nest removal.

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