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We are a family owned and operated wildlife removal company with over 25 years of experience in the critter removal industry. We have Virginia and Maryland licenses for professional wildlife removal. We can help you with skunk removal, snake removal, dead animal removal, and opossum removal. We’re customer-centric and always pay attention to detail when we do our work. Call us today when you need help with anything from snake removal service to wildlife removal company!

Humane Wildlife Removal Service

Our animal control and wildlife removal service can handle any wild animal issue a homeowner might encounter. In Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland, we have a skilled team who can locate, capture, and remove wild creatures that have made their way into attics, basements, crawl spaces, soffits, and chimneys. We also provide wildlife prevention services such as seal and repair to prevent future problems from occurring.

Prevent These Health Risks ASAP

When you have wildlife in your home, you’re not only compromising the safety and well-being of your family members but also risking their health. Animals like skunks and snakes can carry diseases that can make people sick. Opossums can carry rabies, which is fatal to humans if treated quickly. Dead animals also risk human health because they stink up your home and attract other unwanted guests like flies and cockroaches. We come to your house and remove these pests while keeping them safe. We’ll ensure they’re removed as quickly and safely as possible so that you can feel confident that they won’t return. Our professional wildlife services will ensure you can enjoy your home again, without worrying about these wild animals ruining it for you!

Keep Invasive Critters Out of Your Home